Just loving on a 4-H heifer. photo creds :R. Hladik
Just loving on a 4-H heifer. photo creds :R. Hladik


So lets get to the real information you might want to know: How do we treat our livestock? The answer is simple really. We treat them like family. We raise dairy beef. That means we take a dairy producing breed (specifically, the American Lineback), and we raise them to adulthood where they will be processed into quality, healthy, and nutritious beef products for you and your family to enjoy. We don't use the girls. They have a specific job at other farms, in order to bring you healthy and nutritious dairy products, and we need that in our lives! We raise the boys.

When a boy calf is born (a bull calf) we make them a steer (they won't be helping to make babies 😉) and we add them to our herd. They get fed milk replacer, which is like the human baby equivalent to formula. Safe, nutritious, and a great start for a little calf that has no immune system! They will also get their vaccines, just like a baby! They will spend the next 2 years eating everything they need, in order to be healthy, relaxing in the pasture for most of the year, and having fun with their steer friends. When the time comes for processing, we take them to a USDA certified meat processor. We want nothing but the highest standards for our animals and for your food!

Rest assured, we do everything in our power to make sure our animals are healthy, following all local and federal regulations in the raising and care of the steers, and we are confident in our practices and in agriculture as a whole. What you eat really is nutritious and healthy for you and your family. On this site, you will find some great beef boxes, a la carte beef products, and other specials on a monthly basis. I will also be sharing other fun facts about us, our animals, our operation, some recipes, and other information about Agriculture!

We are also certified PA Preferred and Homegrown by Heroes. These are two very special certifications. The PA Preferred check-mark on hundreds of products, lets consumers know that the food products they are purchasing are raised/grown and processed in PA. The Homegrown by Heroes sticker, is a sticker that tells consumers that the products they buy are grown/raised on a farm that is owned/operated by a United States military veteran. I proudly served in the U.S. Army, and I am proud to give back to my community and to our veterans.

You will see both of these stickers on all Meadow Creek Livestock products.

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